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Who are we?

Over 16 years ago, I was looking for some heating equipment in a store and I have noticed a man, who was looking at boiler that I had previously purchased and I did not like it. I shared my experience with him, explained about the boiler and I offered him to choose another option - one that I have set my eyes on myself and which was, in my opinion, cheaper and of higher quality. The man was so interested that he agreed to have me buy it, transport it to his home and to install it. Satisfied with the result, he recommended me to his son-in-law. The good word of mouth has travelled so far that, as a result, I am presently a successful manager of a construction company that provides services in Lithuania as well as abroad. The experience, knowledge and clientèle that has accumulated over the years allows us to realise your ideas in a way that ensures quality, optimum expenditures and is done on a timely manner.

The company takes upon themselves to gather a team of necessary specialists specifically for your projects. The team guarantees to bring quality results in the given time, saving you resources. Workers in big companies carry out construction tasks in units, which means that if there is an insufficient amount of work assigned to the workers during a given time, they are still paid for it. Furthermore, if the project is being designed by multiple teams, they do not necessarily know of the decisions that were made and implemented before or after a given portion of the project, which may increase the risk for defects. Our company gathers specialists for your projects, controls and coordinates their work, ensuring efficient use of time and using workers for as much as they need to be used.

"Eco" means economic ecology. Ecology - we support the use of environmentally friendly and practical materials in construction. We try to follow a simple rule: "What is taken from the earth should be given back to it". Economy - the use of ecological materials should be rational, i.e. used appropriately and efficiently. We are convinced that a perfect balance between ecology and economy is key to a healthy, economical and comfortable home.


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